Deposit Terms 


  • A 50% Non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking

  • Late bookings: Parties booked within 5 days of the party date will be subject to a late fee of $30.00 for last minute preparations. Should a late booking need to cancel total amount of payment is forfeited

  • All deposits are Non-refundable. If you need to postpone your party, you may postpone once within a 6 month time frame. We will gladly work with you to find an alternate party date.

  • Due to the case of inclement weather additional travel time and travel fee maybe required. Should roads be hazardous to travel JFFE has the right to cancel and a one time alternate date may be chosen if the date is available. 

  • The remaining balance on all bookings must be paid by credit card prior to party date or by check or cash on party date. Entertainers can not take payment by credit card the day of party.

  • ***A credit card number is required for security on all bookings***



Terms for Entertainment packages

  • During the summer months our entertainers require a shaded area if party is outdoors or an air conditioned area indoors. ***due to the shoes they wera, princesses cannot walk through a muddy area to get to party location

  • If less children than expected attend party, you will still be charged the regular package price. No exceptions, please.

  • Our packages are packed with fun and follow a schedule. Guests who arrive late may join the party whever it has progressed to. If balloon sculpting and party daces have been done already, late guest will forego these activities and begin where party is progressed to.

  • A $35.00 charge per 15min will be added if entertainers need to wait on final payment at end of party. Events are booked back to back and this can lead entertainer to be rushed to next event.

  • We are not responsible for bad behaviors and uncooperative children. We kindly ask that you monitor and attend to any child that does not want to participate so we can provide the best party experience for the rest of your guests.


                    Photo Policy

The pictures and videos we take: Your childs safety and well being is very important to us, therefore we do not share any personal information about your child. Pictures may be posted on our website, Facebook or Instagram. When you sign our contract, it contains a clause giving us permission or declining permission to utilize images. Please intial the box with your choice.






Just 4 Fun Entertainment is not affiliated with any company, theme park, or other entity, and does not offer any licensed characters. Our characters are only from uncopyrighted fables or legends which are public domain. Any resemblence to other renditions of these characters is incidental and no copyrighted infringement is intended

Reservation deposit: 
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve inflatables. Deposit will be honored for future use 6 months from date of event if inflatable is canceled the day prior to event due to inclement weather (rain, high winds exceeding 20mph). If canceled due to inclement weather on day of event, deposit will remain non-refundable without extension and rain will not be an exception. Inflatables can not be set up or used in light or heavy rain. It is the customers responsibility to call our office to cancel/postpone their reservation. Storms during the summer months can be scattered. We may not be getting the same weather at our warehouse that customer may have at their home.  Once driver pulls on site payment is due in full. Drivers cannot wait out rain. If driver needs to come back at a  later time to set up a 2nd delivery fee will be charged.

Site Access:

    There must be a clear access route from our vehicle to your site (4' min width for bounce houses, 6' for larger units).  Stairs, steep banks or obstructed pathway can cause delays, added labor charges or  prevent equipment setup.  

Set Up Area:  Pet droppings, debris and any objects that may interfere with the use of, or cause damage to, the rental equipment must be removed.  Please rake recently mown grass.  Our crew will not clean or prepare the site.

All inflatables can be set up on grass. Most can be set up on blacktop, concrete, or hardwood floors. Just 4 Fun will ONLY set up slides on grass surface. All slides MUST be staked into the ground.    The ground surface choice may not be changed once our crew is dispatched. Specific materials are required for each ground surface type and may prevent setup of the equipment.  Stakes will be used in grass unless otherwise specified.  **For your safety** once the unit is setup it may not be moved.

Onsite adult:

There must be an adult available onsite to sign for the rental equipment and to direct where the unit will be setup.  The signer will receive instruction on the proper operation requirements of each rental piece.  Our crew usually have a tight schedule and may not be available to wait for an adult to show up.

*** Customer assumes responsibility for any damage to underground equipment (sprinkler system, phone lines, septic system or landscaping) resulting from installation of equipment. Please call :  Call before you dig: (stakeout requests) if you have underground gas or electric lines  1-800-962-7962 or 811Underground utilities


Supervision of inflatables: On all straight rentals of inflatables the customer is responsible for supervising the safety and conduct of all participants using Just 4 Fun’s equipment.  Therefore, there should be a responsible and mature adult supervising the operation of the units at all times. Safety of all participants in units is the responsibility of the person supervising. Customer will be required to sign a liability waiver and a rules and regulations form upon delivery. Customer will then receive a copy of both forms. All units also come with the safety instructions printed on the unit. Usually on the front side panel. Participants inside the units should not, at any time, be allowed to do anything that is prohibited by the safety rules. Blatant disregard of the safety rules may result in physical injuries.  Just 4 Fun offers the service of having trained staff members at the event to supervise each inflatable for an additional charge. Our staff members reserve the right to remove insubordinate children from rides.
Electricity :

Providing adequate electricity is solely the customer’s responsibility. Customer must be sure there are an adequate number of electrical outlets, with sufficient power, to keep the units inflated and working correctly. If there are no electrical outlets or minimum outlets at set up at location a generator will be required.  Electric outlets must have a dedicated minimum 20 amp breaker for each blower. Please be sure to check that there is sufficient electric accessible prior to day of event. Insufficient electricity can create major problems during the course of the event…(set up delays, tripping breakers, constant deflation of units) inflatable must be set up no further than 75 feet from outlet. Set up area any further than 75' can result in fansand or cords catching fire. If set up area is more than 75' away from outlet a generator will be required to inflate units. Generators are available for rent at an additional cost.


Extension cords:

Just 4 fun provides extension cords for inflatables only.  There is a charge of $12.00 per cord for use with a fun food machines or games.